emergency-management-mention-mayjune14When you think of the hundreds of DISASTER PREPAREDNESS related devices, equipment, and tools they had to choose from to fill their pages, its quite a distinction.

The GO|STAY|KIT® is featured on page 48 of the May/June 2014 edition of Emergency Management Magazine. This premier printed news magazine brings together leaders who drive the nation’s prevention, protection, and response and recovery operations. It has a circulation of 50,000, reaching 257,000 of the most influential public-sector decision makers. has 1.8m annual page views, 500k annual unique visitors, and 164k average monthly page views.

Emergency Management’s audience is the state, city and county leaders in the emergency management, public safety, and homeland security fields including first responders senior command (police, fire, EMS, HAZMAT), critical infrastructure authorities, IT directors and public health professionals. It is the only all-hazard and all-stakeholders media platform dedicated to fostering collaboration across all core stakeholder groups responsible for preparing for, and responding to, the full range of natural and man-made disasters.



UnknownThis 2 min. how-to video on YouTube shows how easy it is to quickly fill out the GO|STAY|KIT so that you can be prepared for any type of emergency situation. This ultimate emergency preparedness Kit keeps all your personal, medical information safe and in one place between it’s waterproof pages.

Everyone who may need special assistance in a natural disaster or medical emergency should have their own GO|STAY|KIT, it’s available on, or for bulk orders you can contact the GO|STAY|KIT team at (541) 210-6094 or through the CONTACT US menu on this website.


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-The GO|STAY|KIT printed in English & Spanish on waterproof paper, contains-all in one place-vital personal data and copies of important papers needed by emergency responders and shelter intake workers, in case of a natural disaster or medical emergency.GSK Atlanta 2015 #3

-The Kit will give caregivers and medical professionals on-the-spot access to vital information that will help guide treatment.

GSK Atlanta 2015 #4-This emergency preparedness tool is also a necessity for communities, seniors, families, or anyone wishing to have their personal/medical information-at their fingertips.

-Its waterproof pages contain plastic pouches for important documents, personalized I.D. bands to identify you and your belongings during an evacuation. HELP/OK door hangers, your pet’s information, and Red Cross shelter intake forms.GSK Atlanta 2015 #2



IMG_2331Thanks to one of our sharp-eyed staffers who saw this Portland billboard and snapped a quick shot of it. While this OSU program is certainly great, it mainly addresses the concerns of large construction projects and earthquake resistant buildings.

But let’s not forget it’s also always good to remember the little things in life. Like getting all your personal stuff & info into a GO|STAY|KIT pronto.