UnknownThis 2 min. how-to video on YouTube shows how easy it is to quickly fill out the GO|STAY|KIT so that you can be prepared for any type of emergency situation. This ultimate emergency preparedness Kit keeps all your personal, medical information safe and in one place between it’s waterproof pages.

Everyone who may need special assistance in a natural disaster or medical emergency should have their own GO|STAY|KIT, it’s available on, or for bulk orders you can contact the GO|STAY|KIT team at (541) 210-6094 or through the CONTACT US menu on this website.


acehardware3Ashland Hardware customer eye’s GO|STAY|KIT. FYI: We’re putting together an e-blast for tomorrow. Trying to get 20 agencies to order in mass, then we can really lower prices.


Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 9.27.40 AMGive the gift of emergency preparedness this Valentine’s Day. You can now buy the GO|STAY|KIT in person from Ashland Ace Hardware in Ashland, Oregon. Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 9.29.23 AMGet a load of the new sealed plastic bags that the GSK’s come in, they’re remarkable. Hat’s off to Cathy Trower for creating this fab display. Yes, a hardware store is a perfectly good place to get a Valentine’s Day gift.




GSKAceHardwareAshlandJust in time for Valentine’s Day (tomorrow) The GO|STAY|KIT is now in Ashland General Hardware, the Ace Hardware store in Ashland, Oregon. So, if you live in southern Oregon you can just walk right into the friendly neighborhood Ashland Ace Hardware and buy the best gift for your sweetie, Mom, or whomever.

What better way to show that you really care, other than buying them the perfect Valentine’s gift. The gift of emergency preparedness. This Valentine’s Day show you care about someone you love by giving them the gift that could save their life…and Yes you can throw in a box of chocolates, and a red rose too. The Kits are even red and will match the rose.

The Kits are at Ashland General Hardware, 249 A Street, Ashland Oregon, cheaper than Amazon because no shipping.