MTstory6:2014The GO|STAY|KIT is mentioned in the Medford Mail Tribune newspaper, in southern Oregon June 2014.

Connie Saldana, Planner, Senior and Disability Services of the Rogue Valley Council of Governments, explains how to use the GO|STAY|KIT in this informative video.







emergency-management-mention-mayjune14When you think of the hundreds of DISASTER PREPAREDNESS related devices, equipment, and tools they had to choose from to fill their pages, its quite a distinction.

The GO|STAY|KIT® is featured on page 48 of the May/June 2014 edition of Emergency Management Magazine. This premier printed news magazine brings together leaders who drive the nation’s prevention, protection, and response and recovery operations. It has a circulation of 50,000, reaching 257,000 of the most influential public-sector decision makers. has 1.8m annual page views, 500k annual unique visitors, and 164k average monthly page views.

Emergency Management’s audience is the state, city and county leaders in the emergency management, public safety, and homeland security fields including first responders senior command (police, fire, EMS, HAZMAT), critical infrastructure authorities, IT directors and public health professionals. It is the only all-hazard and all-stakeholders media platform dedicated to fostering collaboration across all core stakeholder groups responsible for preparing for, and responding to, the full range of natural and man-made disasters.


Texting has been getting a bad rap recently because of motorists texting while driving. But it is actually one of the best ways to communicate during an emergency situation like a natural or manmade disaster. The band width of text messages is lower, so it can actually get through when a voice phone-call can’t.Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 9.10.43 AM