Do you have a DUNS number?
Yes, it’s [amalgamated design concern llc] DUNS #033357001.

Is the GO|STAY|KIT a “best practice”?
We are a FEMA “best practice” for dealing with a natural/man-made disaster, or medical emergency. We will also be listed in the resources section of the new American Red Cross Shelter Field Guide.

Can anyone purchase a GO|STAY|KIT, or must you be a part of the government?
Anyone can buy a GO|STAY|KIT®. To order a Kit for yourself, family or friends, please go to amazon.com

Can group sales orders be combined to get a lower price?
Absolutely, we can combine orders from different agencies to ensure the lowest price possible. Organizations can also combine orders before they contact us.

Can agencies customize the GO|STAY|KIT?
Yes, you can have your organizations logo and slogan printed on the Kit. This is a inexpensive way of getting your message out to those you serve.

How is the GO|STAY|KIT manufactured?
Our company uses an ‘on-demand’ method of printing since the Kit requires hand assembly.

Do you ever update the GO|STAY|KIT?
Yes, we are always taking input to make the Kit better.

How does the wristband identification system work?
The wristbands have 3 ways of linking the owner to his or her GO|STAY|KIT®. Each Kit comes with its own I.D. number, which is printed on the wristbands-and the page containing the wristbands. Although the individual wristbands can be removed, the wristband page should never be removed from the GO|STAY|KIT®. The user can also write his or her name on the wristbands. Once inside an emergency shelter the (Code 39) barcode can be scanned (using a commercial grade barcode scanner.) This shows the printed I.D. number specific to each GO|STAY|KIT®, which can also be downloaded into the emergency shelter’s database, if available. Currently, smartphones will not scan a (Code 39) barcode.

Are there agency grants available to purchase the GO|STAY|KIT?
Many local governments have used Citizen Corps (UNITING COMMUNITIES PREPARING THE NATION) to obtain grants to buy the GO|STAY|KIT®. Your local Citizen Corps chapter is part of your regional FEMA organization. Citizen Corps is sometimes able to allocate funds to purchase GO|STAY|KIT® materials that would help those with access and functional needs in case of a natural disaster. Citizen Corps asks that you place their logo, and your organizational logo on the custom TAB 7 page of the Kit. If you are not familiar with Citizen Corps, you can find your local contact by going to Citizen Corps and typing in your zip code.

What are the GO|STAY|KIT magnets & stickers for?
The sticky-faced window decal was created to alert rescue workers that there is a GO|STAY|KIT® inside your residence. The business-card sized refrigerator magnet was created to alert rescue workers about the location of the Kit within your home. The refrigerator magnet is erasable (dry erase) or permanent (Sharpie™) depending on the pen used.

Can the GO|STAY|KIT be reused?
Not really. However, we are working on a family version, and a smart device application to give our customers more flexibility. After the Kit is used in a natural disaster or medical emergency it is designed to be recycled.

Is the GO|STAY|KIT waterproof?
Its pages are made from a special waterproof paper.

Is the GO|STAY|KIT copyrighted & trademarked?
Yes, and 20% of all GO|STAY|KIT® earnings go to support people with access and functional needs.